When information on the public events calendar is incorrect per the 25Live submission, please follow the instructions below to sync or import you event to a listing.

  1. Grab the ID number of the event you are trying to fix. It is located at the end of the 25live event page url. (example: https://scheduling.chapman.edu/25live/#details&obj_type=event&obj_id=96308[10] . You do not need to put the [10] just the 96308.
    1. Sign into the events.chapman.edu through the login in the top right corner. You have super admin access, and this is required to do this process.
    2. Next put the follow url in the address bar base off your needs:
      1. For importing =  events.chapman.edu/series25/import/[ID]
      2. For syncing = events.chapman.edu/series25/sync/[ID]
    3. Push enter and done. 

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