• Optional meetings are encouraged, but not required (depending on workload).  They are clearly labeled in Outlook appointment subject lines.  If a meeting is not labeled optional, than attendance is required unless you have made an arrangement with your direct supervisor and/or the director of your department.
    • If you are overwhelmed, and need more time to complete your tasks, then feel free to skip optional meetings.
    • If you are not overwhelmed and you do have time to finish your tasks but just prefer not to attend the meeting, you should attend the optional meeting.
  • Meetings are an opportunity for us to learn what one another are doing, as well as to coordinate the work that we are doing for others.  Hopefully, the majority of the time spent in meetings will be relevant to every employee’s specific tasks, but there are times when it will be necessary to politely sit through portions of meetings that do not relate to your tasks specifically.  Siting politely and being able share your time is much appreciated, and is a reality in most workplaces.


  • Events hosted by UA leadership like Festivus and Sheryl’s holiday party should be attended.