University Tickets is Chapman University’s official ticketing platform. Tickets can be browsed on, or directly on Schools and departments around campus can utilize University Tickets to set up ticketing for their event, inducing setting price levels, designing online sales pages, and checking out equipment for day of sales and ticket scanning.

Getting set up to use University Tickets

All user that would like to use University Tickets to set up ticketing for their event must attend a training sessions.

Using University Tickets

Feature Enhancements

In the summer of 2015, new features were added to University Tickets. This training was recorded:

Help Section

Because the University Tickets help section is quite robust, we will only publish Chapman-specific topics in the SMC Knowledge Base. Please sign in to University Tickets and navigate to the admin menu and locate the help section.

finding the support link in University Tickets


Go to Getting Started: Event Planning and Promotion