Optimize and refine your Facebook posts when sharing a URL. URLs might be blog stories, news stories and YouTube videos among others.

1. Create a shortened URL on Bitly to track the clicks on your post.

Create a free account on bitly.com and paste your Chapman URL in the “Generate” box. Chapman Univeristy has a branded URL with bitly so all Chapman blogs and webpages will automatically have the branded URL of chapma.nu followed by the generated code at the end.

2. Paste the shortened URL into the content box.

3. Remove the URL and replace it with unique copy.

4. Consider uploading your own image.

Sometimes, blog and news stories 1) don’t have a default image; or 2) have a default image that is not optimized for the space. If necessary, you can upload your own image and replace the default photo.

Make sure you have rights to use an image before replacing the default. Appropriate photos to use: your own photos, photos by a Chapman photographer or creative commons photos.

To upload a new URL image, select the “Upload Image” button at the bottom of the photo and upload your image from your computer. To remove an image, select “Remove Image.”


5. Consider revising the title and description
As of June 28, 2017, Facebook rolled out an update to remove the ability to modify a link title and description. Learn more 

If the title is too long or cut off, revising titles might be necessary. To edit, click the title. A box will appear and you can write your new title.