The Interactive Campus Map is a comprehensive, Google-based map that has custom location markers and descriptions added for all physical entities on the Chapman campus. Areas on the map include buildings, schools and colleges, emergency service and more. This system is built through the Cascade content management system (CMS).

Adding a location to the Interactive Campus Map

To add, fix or removed a location from the campus map, please work with your Web Coordinator. They will need the information below to make the change.

Needed materials: 

  • Title
  • Acronym (optional) – Does your department or program have a known acronym?
  • Location description – Should explain the location in relation to other points of interest and give readers a rundown of what is included in that space.
    • ex: Located back-to-back with the Chapman Stadium, the Allred Aquatics Center includes an Olympic size pool, O’Bryan Aquatics Stadium with seating for 600, a state-of-the-art treatment control system, equipment, and storage rooms.
  • Image(s) – Size should be 330 x 200px at 72dpi. You can have one or more.
  • Relevant Link (optional) – This should lead to the appropriate section on the website.
  • Coordinates – We need to input the longistude and lattitude coordinates for each location. You can find this information at this link:
    • Ex. lat. 33.791974, long. -117.853560
  • Search Terms/Alternative names (optional) – is your location known by multiple names? This would be the area to help guide the internal map search better.

Location of Map

The interactive campus map can be found at

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.08.58 PM