In the new digital system (, it is incredibly easy for individuals to create and edit their slides. Every Chapman community member can log in and create a slide, but they must send it to the Sign Owners for approval for it to show live.

Please follow these steps to create a slide.

Step One: Sign in to All individuals with Chapman login credentials can access the system.

Step Two: Navigate to the “Slides” tab. This is located in the top center of your screen.slides tab

Step Three: Select the ‘New’ Button. Look for the green button.

new button

Step Four: Choose Template and Name. When naming your slide, make sure you are descriptive, possibly even putting the semester and year (ex. Commencement Event Spring 2016). This information does not show live.

There are four templates to choose from:

  • Standard: This should be used for the majority of your slide creations. the other templates are for very specific usages.
  • Social Feed: This will show a filtered view of on the screen. If you are interested in this slide, please reach out to our Interactive Marketing Specialist, Michelle Leslie, at and she can provide you with the proper url based on your filters.
  • Directory: This will display a list of the faculty members located in a certain building.
  • Schedule: This slide allows you to present multiple, manual-entered events that appear in a scrolling pattern. It is a singles slide that displays a multiple event list.

Step Five: Build out your Slide. Once you select your template you will be presented with a simple form to fill out. The example below is the Standard template.

While the form is pretty straight forward, please take note of these few items to look out for

  • The header should be short and action oriented. Overall, please try to reduce the amount of text on your slide as you build.
  • Some of the items will refresh the preview as you tab to the next item, but other will require you to click the “refresh Preview” link below the image.
  • Images must be no bigger than the demisnsion listed. If you need to crop them down, you can use
  • Videos need to be loaded into the system  as an mp4 (and not embedded from a third-party webpage, such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Keep videos less than a minute and soundless. The first time the slide is loaded on a sign may take a few minutes due to the larger file size of videos.
  • The hide/show option is used if you want to keep a slide, but essentially turn it off. it will not show on the live slide if marked off.
  • The date range option lets you schedule your slide so it goes live on a certain date and a turns off on another.
  • The last step will be selecting the Sign you want it on. As you will see, there is an approval process involved. Creating and submiting a slide does not guarantee it will go live.

Screenshot of Standard slide form


If you have futher questions about the process, Please contact your web coordinator or stop by one of our Helping Happy Hour sessions.


Go to Getting Started: Digital Signage & the Chapman Broadcast Network