With the recent addition of new masthead options in Cascade’s 2- and 3-column templates, we will begin to phase out the older masthead options in the near future. Below, please find some notes on converting your mastheads.

When creating a page, by default Cascade will select “No Masthead” as an option. You’ll want to change this to either “Branded – New,” “Slider – New,” “Boxes” or none”, as all other options being presented will be phased out. The older options are currently listed ONLY because there are pages where the old mastheads are currently used. Below you can see the new mastheads in use. Use dimensions.chapman.edu to edit your masthead image to the correct size.

New Branded Masthead


Masthead Size: 780 pixels x 260 pixels

This masthead will replace both the “OLD Masthead” and the “Branded Masthead”. It’s a cleaner look and offers a better way to visually convey the title of your school or department.

New Slider Masthead


Masthead Image Size: 780 pixels x 440 pixels

This masthead will replace the “Slider” Masthead and allows for multiple images slides, allowing you to highlight different aspects of this page.

You can see working examples of the New Slider Masthead in action on the Doctor of Physical Therapy index page. 

Boxes Masthead

Masthead Image Size: 266 pixels x 220 pixels

While this masthead is not new, it will remain as one of your options going forward due to its unique display of information. It is great for displaying multiple options all at once.

No Masthead

Lastly, we will be allowing for the “none” option to still be a valid choice going forward. This is primarily used on lower pages that don’t require marketing imagery; often on heavy information pages.

You can see visual examples of our older mastheads here:

If you have any questions about using mastheads, contact your web coordinator for more details.