The Web and Interactive Marketing team developed an Editorial Calendar to coordinate stories and online marketing efforts at Chapman University. The goal for the Editorial Calendar is to increase awareness and strengthen the Chapman University brand. There are many advantages to a central editorial calendar, such as publishing relevant and timely content, giving stakeholders a “big picture” view of the Univerity’s marketing direction, and coordinating efforts of staff members across campus.

This calendar provides an overarching view of the University marketing initiatives and focus. It also provides a curated view of your school, college or target audience. Viewing more than one calendar at a time can help you see the big picture for the University and how your efforts can best fit with the goals of your team and the University.

To get started using the Chapman University Web Team Editorial Calendar, please contact the Interactive Marketing Specialist for access. Once you have access, please reference the following resources:

Please contact the Interactive Marketing Specialist with any questions.