This article is in relation to updating the degree content block found on the Degree & Program page.

The content on this page will now be managed and updated by the Office of Admission. Being directly connected to all programs, they can make sure consistency and labeling are in order. Specifically, you can reach out to these two wonderful individuals with your updates and additions:

As for the content itself, please make sure you follow these parameters when submitting updates:

Title / Degree Type

  • Supply the official title and the type of degree (major, minor, MA, MS, 4+1, etc.). Admission will make sure the labeling is consistent on the page itself. 


  • Dimensions are 200 x 275px (you can supply a bigger, horizontal photo and they can crop, if needed)
  • Images should be Chapman owned. Please do not just grab from Google images or a photo from an unknown source. 
  • Should not be stock photos. Organic Chapman student photos are best.

Campus Location 

  • Is this program located on the Main Campus, Rinker Campus, or both?


  • No more than 210 characters with spaces
  • Must follow these consistency rules:
    • Start with an action verb (ex: Explore, Learn, Advance, etc.)
    • The sentence should define what the program is about and not how to get in or how long it takes to complete. That information should be on your program page itself.  


  • All links should point to a Cascade page dedicated to the program. 
  • Please note: Currently there are a few programs that lead directly to a catalog page or a page with multiple programs combine. The Web Coordinator will be reaching out in the future to make sure every page that is linked from the Degree & Program page leads to a dedicated program page, which is better for search engine optimization and overall brand and information consistency.

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