After having spent the last several years on Cascade Version 7.12.5, SMC and IS&T are making the call to upgrade to Cascade Version 8. With this new version come a variety of differences, both aesthetic and functional. In an effort to make users aware of these changes, SMC has created some quick briefings to help. In this briefing, you’ll learn how to get to the site tree from the new dashboard.

Cascade 8 login screen

Step 1: Login To Cascade 8. Your username and password will not have changed at all from the previous version. 

Step 2: This is your new dashboard. Your screen should look relatively similar to the dashboard that would appear when you logged into the old Cascade, only now it’s a separate page rather than being next to the site tree. Note: Every time you log in to Cascade from here on out, you will have to go through the dashboard. Cascade 8 will never log you in directly to the site tree.

Step 3: If you’ve altered your dashboard at any point during your time using Cascade, or if you aren’t sure, go ahead and press “Reset Dashboard.” This should cause a number of potentially removed apps to appear. 

Step 4: To reach the site tree section of the site, you’ll now need to enter through this dashboard. There are two ways to access the site tree:

  • The first is to use the “My Sites” widget. If you don’t see the “My Sites” widget, go back to Step 3 and reset your dashboard. Under “My Sites” should be listed “”. Go ahead and click on it and it will deliver you to the site tree you’re accustomed to.
  • The second is to click on the “Site” dropdown in the top left corner. This dropdown will list “” Again, go ahead and click on it and it will deliver you to the site tree you’re accustomed to.

Step 5:  You should now be on the site tree. If for any reason you ever need to get back to the Cascade dashboard, click on the “C” logo at the top left corner and it will return you to the dashboard. 

As always if you have additional questions, please reach out to your Web Coordinator.