After having spent the last several years on Cascade Version 7.12.5, SMC and IS&T are making the call to upgrade to Cascade Version 8. With this new version come a variety of differences, both aesthetic and functional. In an effort to make users aware of these changes, SMC has created some quick briefings to help. In this briefing, you’ll learn the new additional step to submitting a page.

Step 1: Most of Cascade should look pretty familiar to you, and this should be no exception. Click on the “Edit” button.

Step 2: This is the revised “Edit” page – you’ll notice that rather than re-load the page, the “Edit” section is simply an in-page window now. Make your edits and click “Save and Preview.” You’ll notice this verbiage is different than “Send to Workflow.”

Step 3: Every time you  “Save and Preview” a page, you’ve created a draft of your changes rather than actually push it into workflow. You’ll get a notification that your draft has been saved and then you’ll have a chance to re-evaluate the page before formally submitting. Take this shift in the Cascade 8’s workflow as an opportunity to look over your page changes and make sure all of your adjustments have been correctly implemented. If they haven’t, either continue editing before submission or “Discard your current draft altogether if you’re displeased with it.

Step 4: After pressing “Submit” you have the opportunity submit your content to a Web Coordinator, either directly through workflow or through checking for misspellings and broken links first. We highly encourage you to do the latter.

Step 5: Click “Start Workflow” at the top right of the page.

Step 6: The workflow process is complete on your end. A web coordinator will approve the page shortly. The number of steps to submit from Cascade 7 to Cascade 8 is essentially the same, but in Cascade 8 you’ll have to look at your page as a “Draft” before you can enter into the traditional submission process.

As always if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to your Web Coordinator.