The iteration of Cascade you’ve come to know and love is getting a new and fresh set of paint. After operating on Cascade Version 7.12.5 for almost two years (it was released in March of 2015), IS&T and SMC’s Web Team are moving forward with updating to Cascade 8.

While updates to Cascade in the past have seen new features and general improvements, Cascade 8 is a complete rehaul to the look and style of the Cascade CMS.

Here is a list of some of the really exciting features that separate Cascade 8 from the user experience you’ve currently been accustomed to.

    • Redesigned look
    • Runs much faster
    • Mobile and tablet friendly
    • An improved Advanced Search
    • Updated workflow process
    • Type-ahead functionality; keyword shortcuts
    • Can schedule a review of pages

To get started with Cascade 8, we’ve created a few materials for you that should answer any big questions you have.

Any questions you have regarding the update, feel free to reach out to your respective Web Coordinator.