After having spent the last several years on Cascade Version 7.12.5, SMC and IS&T are making the call to upgrade to Cascade Version 8. With this new version come a variety of differences, both aesthetic and functional. In an effort to make users aware of these changes, SMC has created some quick briefings to help. In this briefing, you’ll learn about some of the minor updates to the site tree.

Clicking Into Folders

The older version of Cascade had a simple “+” and “-” system to open and close folders. Cascade 8 removes the iconography, but entering and exiting into folders remains similar. Now, if you’d like to get to the next folder, just click on the name of the folder and you will find the series of folders and pages that are nested inside it.

Click on the file name “campus-services”

Clicking the file name will reveal all of the contents of that file.

If you’d like to get into an actual folder, to upload a file or to see all of the pages inside it, click on the “>” icon and the page will re-load.

Clicking the “>” that displays to the right of the folder name when you hover over with your mouse will let you enter that folder.

Note: This is extremely important when uploading files. While it might seem like you’re in the correct folder because of how the site tree on the left appears, you need to make sure that the folder you’re looking to upload the file into is highlighted the color blue, otherwise your files will be uploaded into whatever folder you’re actually currently in.  

The folder will be highlighted in a blue color if you are inside it.

Right Click Menu

The file and page dropdown menu’s haven’t been removed from Cascade, although if you were a frequent user of that system (which previously could be accessed by clicking the “v” icon next to any folder or page), it won’t be immediately apparent how to access it. Now, right click on the folder to access a variety of options.

New Icons

The actual file, folder, and page icons look different. The messy colors have been removed to fit with the rest of Cascade’s smooth new look. You can see a comparison below: