It is important for members of the Chapman community to be consistent with University messaging when talking with individuals who are not associated with the University. For that reason, we have prepared these guidelines to define what Chapman’s messages are.

*Remember that interactions with the press should be funneled through SMC.

  • Chapman University provides an extraordinary educational experience that qualifies graduates in a remarkable way to be successful in their communities, their lives and their careers.
  • We are providing a learning environment that rivals the best available anywhere. This environment reflects a return to academic values that emphasize academic rigor, applied knowledge, collaboration and creativity.
  • We are increasingly attracting a caliber of students who could attend any highly ranked national university — but choose to come to Chapman University.
  • The ranks of our faculty include winners of Nobel prizes, the National Medal of Science, and other prestigious awards. Unlike many institutions, Chapman’s extraordinary faculty teach and interact with undergraduates on a regular basis.
  • Chapman alumni are increasingly assuming leadership roles in their communities and careers.
  • Our history emphasizes the pursuit of excellence. We are continually striving to reach higher, do more, be better. Our culture is one of aspiration and achievement.
  • We are an optimistic, enthusiastic and goal-oriented community, reflecting the pioneering spirit of our founders and early alumni.

Our focuses are:

  • Arts & Entertainment – emphasis on creativity through film, writing, performing arts and innovation as well as the business side of entertainment through law, entrepreneurship and producing.
  • Science & Technology – emphasis on applied science programs that will get students into real world STEM careers.
  • Leadership & Civic Engagement – emphasis on programs that teach social awareness and activism. Cultivating leaders of change for good.