Strategic Marketing and Communications acts as an internal marketing agency for Chapman University. We are broken into six main departments, all with a specific focus, but all working toward the same goals. Please use the resources below to identify who you should contact and when.

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Account Managers (aka AEs) – Main Contacts

Account Managers are the front line, or conductors, of the SMC ‘agency.’ They are the individuals that all larger marketing projects and questions should be directed towards. They have the most knowledge of the overall strategy for your school or department and the budget restraints of certain requests. Please contact the Account Managers for all collateral, strategy, advertising, and bigger project requests. The other SMC departments, while they do act as a support resource for certain direct requests, should be working with the Account Managers on bigger marketing efforts.

Account Managers

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Web Coordinators (WC) and Social Media – Website Updates

The Web Coordinators and the Interactive Marketing Specialist are the support system for our web contributors around campus. They are responsible for the training of individuals on Cascade (main website), blogs, online events calendar, social media, digital signage, email and general best practices for digital content.  the approval of web pages and social accounts, and the support of website changes for schools and departments. If you working on updating one of our digital environments (website, events, digital signage, etc.), you may reach out to these individuals directly without notifying the Account Managers.

Web Coordinators

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Social Media Assistance

School Specific Web Specialists

Events and Ticketing Information

We use two event systems that are supported by SMC. This includes 25Live for event scheduling and University Tickets for ticketing. Please contact the individuals below for training or system questions.